Thursday, 25 January 2018

Soft rock-ul și testosteronul

Facem un arc în timp peste mai bine de 6 ani, pornind de la articolul ăsta. Mi-am adus aminte de el azi-dimineață în metrou, atunci când am dat peste acest studiu într-un ziar. Iată ce ne spune el:

"Research suggests that men who prefer “unsophisticated” forms of music (that is, soft rock, heavy metal, etcetera) tend to have higher levels of testosterone than those who prefer more “sophisticated” genres of music (classical and jazz, for example). The study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, is the first to show that biology can influence musical preferences. 
Seventy-six volunteers (37 male and 39 female) were asked to listen to 25 musical excerpts from different genres that had been split into five categories: mellow, contemporary, sophisticated, intense, and unpretentious. Then, they rated them according to how much they enjoyed them on a 19-point scale. The researchers took saliva samples from each volunteer to measure their testosterone levels. 
While there were negligible differences amongst the female volunteers, the researchers reported a significant correlation between testosterone levels and preferences for certain types of music in the male volunteers, specifically whether they liked "sophisticated" or "unsophisticated" music (their words, not mine). Men who had higher levels of testosterone were much more likely to reveal a preference for genres such as soft rock and heavy metal. Those with lower levels showed more interest in classical and jazz."

Exemplul folosit de "cercetătorii britanici"? Chiar trupa Bon Jovi, ladies & gents! Așa c-am lămurit-o și pe asta, ca să dormim liniștiți în următorii 6 ani. Iar acum hai să o punem de un hard on pe live-ul ăsta, că tare mișto e!