Twin Peaks Review

Hai că azi par determinat să-i citez pe alții, dar respectivii spun exact ce gândesc și eu așa că-i mai simplu. Am vorbit un pic despre noul sezon Twin Peaks luna trecută, după ce văzusem primele trei episoade. Eh, între timp am mai văzut două și Lynch aproape că m-a pierdut de tot. Dacă și următoarele două-trei episoade se vor menține în nota asta nu voi mai urmări serialul pentru că n-are sens. O ființă cu cont pe IMDb numită Irina a postat recent un review cu care rezonez la virgulă. Pe bune, zici că m-a posedat precum Bob și a scris în numele meu. Să-i dăm cuvântul.

"David Lynch completely ruined Twin Peaks for me. I cannot even begin to describe my disappointment with season 3. I wish I could delete from my memory those embarrassing first 4 episodes. I will try to explain in a detailed and comprehensible way why Season 3 of Twin Peaks is shamefully inferior to the first 2 seasons.

Season 1 and 2
The characters are instantly iconic. From the first scene they become unforgettable; every one has something peculiar and magnetic about them. Cooper is a strange combination between goofy, smart, intuitive and likable, Audrey is stunning and captivating, Lucy and Andy are silly but sweet. Where else can you see crazy yet charismatic characters like the brothers Horne, Nadine, the Log lady, Doctor Jacoby etc The casting was spot on and the acting brilliant.

The humor was amazing and witty. The horror was unbelievably shocking without any use of CGI monsters. Bob was the most terrifying villain, and him hiding behind Laura's bed is to this day, the scariest thing I saw.

The story is compelling; it draws you in and keeps you interested. It gives you just enough information to make things clear and interesting, but leaves out enough to let you wanting more. There are some strange and absurd things in it, but it only adds to the general vibe of the movie. The atmosphere is unique and gripping. Watching it transported you in another world.

The soundtrack is just mesmerizing. Angelo Badalamenti is a genius and an incredibly talented composer.

I absolutely loved the first season and consider it the best in movie history. The second season was objectively not as good, the story started to go on kinds of weird tangents and new and strange characters were added that served for nothing but shock value. As a result the ratings dropped, and people started to get bored and annoyed with the direction the show took. When I heard that season 3 was going to be shot I was ecstatic. I thought David Lynch and Mark Frost, having learned for the mistakes made in season 2, will make it up to us and give us what we have been waiting for 25 years for. Boy, was I wrong.

Season 3

Where do I even begin… The characters are instantly forgettable. There is nothing interesting, fascinating or funny about them, they are simply bad. Most of them are new characters, and we only see very few of the original cast. And even the ones that were originally captivating are now grotesquely dumb-ed down and unpleasant. Cooper is now possessed by Bob and walks the earth as the greasy, leathery, repugnant love child of Elvis Priestly and your neighborhood sex offender. There is the good Cooper who was trapped in the Black Lodge who most likely suffered some serious blows to the head, because he acts constantly bewildered by everything and can only repeat words other people say to him. Think of Leo after he was shot, and then dumb it down 10 times. That is the good Cooper. Then there is the third version of Cooper who wears crazy green jackets, has a pot belly and transforms into smoke, and then into a small golden ball???!!! Lucy and Andy apparently had a lobotomy and a child. Bobby is a cop?! There is a tree with a brain like monstrosity attached to it that talks and predicts the future. There are killer ghosts, bad CGI, women without eyes.

The dialogue is so bad. The atmosphere is unidentifiable. We go from dream like scenes that defy description, to images of New York city at night, to casinos to residential areas. I cannot fathom what this show's vibe is supposed to be.

The story is…I have no idea. There are multiple stories that overlap, none of them seaming to be connected to the other, none of them having any sense or point.

The soundtrack…There is close to none. There is that humming, buzzing sound that made the original distinctive and scary. Every episode ends with some band playing at the Bang Bang bar, and they're pretty good.

That's pretty much everything I have to say about this laughable comeback from a major, acclaimed director. I hated it. To add insult to injury, there are those who hail Lynch as a visionary, brilliant, incomparable artist who delivered the best possible sequel to the iconic show. If you disagree, you are treated as a tasteless simpleton who should go back to watching Transformers.

Look, I get it. David Lynch's work isn't for everyone. It's peculiar and abstract and speaks to a particular type of movie goer. And it's OK, we don't all have to like the same things. Not everyone likes Tarkovski, Ingmar Berman or Bella Tarr. However, even when talking about art, that is inherently subjective, there are still ways to judge it and rate it. The 3 directors I mentioned are all unique and strange, but their work is cohesive and although abstract, gives you something to work with. Season 3 is nothing like that. It's an incomprehensible, self sufficient, insulting, patronizing claptrap. It's like someone gave David Lynch the most exotic and potent drugs, and then filmed his nightmares. It is disjointed and pointless, it's a deformed parody of the original show, it's the evil doppelganger of the first 2 seasons. I spent most of the time staring in disbelief at the screen, feeling like I was on crazy pills. Don't I get it anymore? Is this what I have been waiting for 25 years? Is David Lynch possessed by Bob? I guess we'll never know…"


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