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Am găsit în sfârșit un jurnalist britanic care gândește în asentimentul meu. El susține că-i timpul să nu le mai facem reclamă teroriștilor și să tratăm atacurile astea ca pe o știre banală de la pagina 13.

"Islamist terror is a loathsome and tedious public pathology but it’s worth remembering that it is much less harmful per head of population than, say, car-driving or horse-riding.
These attacks are not a public emergency; they are a series of private tragedies.
And, of course, I’m aware of the irony that I am arguing at length and in a prominent newspaper slot that we should not spend so much time talking about terror at length and in prominent newspaper slots. 

I’d like not to be. I’d like a world in which such attacks were noted, with sadness, in an italic paragraph at the foot of page 13. I know that isn’t how news works. But seriously: to hell with these despicable clowns."

Articolul integral poate fi citit aici.


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