Let's Stop the Moron with the Backpack!

My name is Bogdan Anghel, I moved to London in 2014 and I've been a blogger since 2006. I usually write all my articles in Romanian as all my readers come from my native country, but this time I will make an exception just because I'm addressing my fellow Londoners. 

Let's make it clear from starters: I love London. It is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. And I also love Londoners. I admire their calm, their politeness and their educated lifestyle. From a totally objective point of view I can confirm Londoners public behavior is light years away from the one displayed in Eastern European countries. And when I mean Londoners I'm not referring to the born-and-raised only, but generally speaking to all the people who chose to live in London at some point in their lives. Of course, by now you've already started to sense a significant "but" is coming. Well, you are obviously right. 

But, my dear Londoners, there is a specific type of citizen I actually despise. A specific type of commuter, to be more precise. This is the moron who enters a crowded bus or train wagon without taking off his backpack. This specimen manifests a total lack of respect for their fellow commuters, hitting them, shoving their hunchback into them and basically taking up much needed space with their backpack which should be either taken off and held or put on the floor. The thing that puzzles me is that these morons themselves would feel way more comfortable if only they took that bloody pack off instead of wearing it on their back. So it's not only disrespect, we're also talking about a basic lack of sense for self comfort. And it's even more puzzling when the moron with the backpack looks angrily over their shoulder towards you, as soon as they get the false impression YOU are the one who is actually pushing THEM.

Yes, I'm pretty sure this is the most annoying type of commuter. These people should be shown no respect either. They have to be embarrassed because there is no other way they will know better. I actually believe they need to be pushed, pressed and made uncomfortable, but try to be careful and don't generate a fist fight.

More on the gentleman's side, I actually recommend them wearing this type of bags, with long belt, just as mine. 

That is pretty much all I needed to say. Let this be my first little campaign as a Londoner, as I try to make this amazing metropolis even more civilized.

Please share this article if you find yourself very much annoyed by this kind of commuter as well.


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