Monday, 8 August 2016

"It may be that Article 50 is never invoked"

Tocmai veneam spre casă după o zi de muncă și citeam ca de obicei Evening Standard în metrou, ocazie cu care am (crezut că am) dat peste primul editorialist care spune răspicat cea ce am pronosticat și eu aici, anume că acest fucking Brexit e posibil să nu se producă, pentru că 1. este foarte greu de realizat, legislativ și birocratic vorbind (poate dura foarte mulți ani) și 2. oricum nu ar aduce nimic bun. Autorul (law and policy commentator and a solicitor at Preiskel & Co LLP) explică legătură siamezică dintre UK și UE și cât de solicitantă ar fi o  eventuală separare. 

"It may be near-impossible for the UK to leave the EU, at least in the next few years. And just as the brutal fact that the British people voted to leave the EU cannot be ignored, the fact that leaving the EU may not be possible cannot be ignored either.

So extensive are the EU ties which bind the UK that they take at least a political generation to untangle. Gus O’Donnell, the former head of the UK civil service, has pointed out that it took Greenland, with a population less than Croydon and with only the issue of fish, three years to leave the old EEC. And in the Eighties the EEC was a far less complicated entity than the modern EU. 
Thousands of UK laws — nobody knows exactly how many — are based on EU law. Many of these laws only have effect because of the European Communities Act, which would need repeal or substantial amendment. Some of the laws have effect without any UK-implementing measure.

Millions of pounds of funding for agriculture, regional development and scientific research comes from the EU. Almost every policy area you can think of, from medicines to television, has a EU component and many UK public bodies depend daily on EU institutions providing information."

Articolul integral poate fi citit aici.

Un scrut research mi-a arătat însă că ideea unui probabil non-Brexit a fost deja vehiculată de multe publicații importante, printre care Financial Times, The New Yorker și The Independent (aici și aici). 

Prin urmare, tovarăși, stași liniștiți la locurile voastre.