Honest Town (Simple Minds Cover)

Ce naiba era în capul meu când trăgeam covers prin cam-ul și mic-ul laptopului nu știu. Aseară mi-am amintit că am un DSLR Nikon, așa că am tras un cover în condiții mult mai bune. Și ascultând minunăția prin boxele HP pentru laptop împrumutate de la sorella m-am declarat mulțumit de cum a ieșit. Poate că-i unul dintre cele mai reușite covers pe care le-am înregistrat. Este realmente emoționantă povestea acestei piese, pe care o inserez mai jos, în cuvintele lui Jim Kerr însuși. După cum veți remarca, "orașul onest" se află la numai 345 de mile de Londra. Este vorba de Glasgow.

Varianta de pe album are un disco beat care nu anunță multe la început, însă la refren te cucerește iremediabil. În concert sună maiestuos, însă Simple Minds cântă deseori această piesă acustic.

"Honest Town grew out of a nostalgia for our hometown. But these songs are written for you. You can transpose the words into your life, no matter where you live, or where you're from.
At the time I was spending more time in Glasgow than normal because – unfortunately – my mother had been suffering and she was coming towards the end of her life really. And I wanted to be around as much as possible. However, she wasn't quite keen about me sitting around doing nothing – she would much rather that... She was happy to see me but she wanted to know that I was working, that I was pushing on, that I was inspired and conveniently Iain was situated half a mile away – so we got together and it was just one of these things that just clicked and we ended up writing about ten to twelve songs maybe. One of the first melodies Iain played me was the riff for Honest Town. When I heard it instantly there was something about the emotion in it that really grabbed me and it was an emotional time for me anyway – you know thinking about the backdrop and being back in Glasgow and the reason why."

The lyric itself was a phrase my mother used in one of the last conversations I had with her about a week before she passed away, we... the whole of the UK was covered in the worst snow storm, the worst weather circumstances that the country had seen for decades – and Glasgow itself had ground to a standstill. Everyone was saying 'Don't go out unless it's absolutely necessary.' The snow was up to... whatever. But my mum had it in her mind to go out in what became the last time."

We had this really magical trip actually. She wanted to go through town... she wanted to go for a drive through town. My dad wasn't keen on taking her – he was afraid of what the weatherman was saying. But I said 'Let's go' and it just happened in circumstances that the journey we went on was all landmarks of her life and indeed my life of growing up in Glasgow. And you know how it is anywhere when it snows and everything grinds to a halt and the place becomes dreamlike and it becomes really static – apart from the occasional falling snow and it was like we had the world to ourselves and obviously driving very slowly and she was talking away – she was talking about her childhood, she was talking about the city she grew up in, she was talking about ourselves, our family as kids and stuff, and in the course of this conversation the phrase "Honest Town" just came up. She used it. And when I went along to Iain's studio later that night, I said to him 'I think I've got a lyric for this' and it's one of those songs that... we always say that the great songs almost seem to write themselves and they fall together in minutes and that was the case with Honest Town."


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