Thursday, 21 June 2012

Adam Clayton vorbește despre U22

Ieri am primit compilația originală, grație lui Andrei, căruia îi mulțumesc din nou. Arată foarte apetisant, ca orice produs U2 lansat în ultimii ani. Ambalajul vinde foarte bine (dar mai ales conținutul) - se prezintă ca un disc de vinil, are poze foarte faine și diverse declarații ale membrilor trupei. Dar partea cea mai cool este reprezentată de textele lui Adam, care vorbește detaliat despre fiecare piesă și deseori se autoironizează. În continuare vă citez câteva dintre ideile basistului.

Asta e noua mea jucărie
Until the End of the World: "Another big rock song and one of my favourite tracks. It's been in the set since the ZooTV Tour; we may have tried to get away with not doing it but it's such a great tune that we wanted to bring it back. I sometimes mess up going into the guitar solo as it's a key change, but Edge forgives me...usually!"

Beautiful Day: "For the generation of fans of the last decade this is one of our signature tracks, although I've always found that riff quite hard to play! It's the kind of rock tune which goes to that other place, a very up song, with that feeling people like about U2, that optimistic and joyful sentiment."

Bad: "Considering that we didn't play it that much and that many subscribers wouldn't be of the vintage to have known it from way back, it's a real surprise that this track proved to be the most popular in voting."

Woo-ha, adică acel Bad cântat la Roma, în cardul concertului la care am fost pe stadion, a fost cel mai cerut?

Where the Streets Have No Name: "In the show since The Joshua Tree and one of the most epic and iconic of all our tracks. It goes to a place where very few tunes go, with that kinetic energy, a high temperature tune to close the first part of the show. A bona fide rock song."

With Or Without You: "One of those songs which I always enjoy playing live...maybe because there are only four notes so I don't have to think too much!"

Hahaha, se poate paradox mai frumos ca ăsta? Una dintre cele mai cunoscute bass lines din istorie e atât de banală încât mai că-l plictisește pe basist! Pentru mai multe detalii cumpărați materialul, după cum am zis Adam vorbește despre toate cele 22 de piese.