Yo Mama

V-am promis niște poante din categoria asta. Probabil ați auzit de ele. Sunt scurte, seci și foarte amuzante. Iată câteva dintre preferatele mele.

Yo mama's so fat when she went to the movies she sat next to everyone.

Yo mama's so old her social security number is 1.

Yo mama's so skinny she turned sideways and disappeared.

Yo mama's so poor she can't afford to pay attention.

Yo mama's so old when she was in school there was no history class.

Yo mama's so ugly your daddy's takes her with him at work every day so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye.

Yo mama's so ugly she has to get the vibrator drunk before using it.
Yo mama's so old she was a waitress at the Last Supper.

Yo mama's so old her birth certificate is in Roman numerals.

Yo mama so old she has a picture of Moses in her yearbook.

Yo mama's so ugly they moved Halloween to her birthday.

Yo mama's so stupid she thinks Fleetwood Mac is a new hamburger at McDonald's.

Yo mama's so stupid she went to Disneyland and saw a sign that said DISNEYLAND - LEFT. So she went back home.

Yo mama's so short she gotta slam-dunk her bus fare.

Yo mama's like a shotgun: two cocks and she's ready to blow.
Yo mama's like a race car driver, she burns 40 rubbers a day.

Yo mama's so black when the police shoot at her the bullets come back for flashlights.

Yo mama's so poor burglars break in her house and leave money.

Yo mama's so fat that when she wears a yellow raincoat people yell "Taxi!"

Yo mama's so fat that when she talks to herself it’s a long distance call.

Yo mama's so fat that when she turns around people throw her a welcome back party.

Yo mama's so fat that at the zoo, the elephants throw HER peanuts.

Yo mama's so ugly that her birth certificate contained an apology letter from the condom factory.

Yo mama's so ugly that when she walks into a bank they turn off the surveillance cameras.

Yo mama's like a hockey player, she only showers after three periods.

Yo mama's so stupid when asked on an application, "Sex?", she marked, "M, F and sometimes Wednesday too."

Yo mama's so stupid she asked me what kind of jeans I had on and I said "Guess" so she said "Levi's."


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