Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Like-type Communication

X says "I like Facebook". Y likes this. Y also says "I like it too". X likes this. I mean, X likes this comment.

X may also say "I hate beggars". 12 people like this. But what the fuck do they like, actually? Beggars or hating beggars? 

X likes Y's recent activity. X likes South Park. Like This Page. X and Y are now friends. Like. Comment. Add Y as Friend.

The already well-known "like" is also applied on the last line of a dialogue. This  usually means "yes, you're right, no more further questions, Your Honor".

It seems it's all about fuckin' like's. By the way, do you like this article?


whiterune said...

my favourite type of likes are :

x says : "i am sick."
4 people like this.

...they might mean : "hey, i feel for you". but i just guess it's "i like it that you're sick." :P

The Fly said...

Haha indeed. Forgot to mention: when a guy hits "like" on a girl's pic, that usually means he wants her...

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