Gândurile de(spre) recunoștință ale unui american

Numele său este Neale Donald Walsch, am mai vorbit despre el aici pe blog și o voi mai face. Iată ce a postat ieri pe pagina sa Facebook, despre singura sărbătoare americană pe care (din păcate, așa cum remarca ieri sorella) nu am importat-o și noi. În timp ce ne costumăm ca toți dracii de Halloween, bubuim artificii de 4 iulie sau ne declarăm amorezați de Valentine's Day, uităm să fim recunoscători pentru tot ce avem și pentru ce știm sigur că vom avea (numiți asta credință).

"So today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and I hope that all people around the world stop for a moment and send thoughts of gratitude and love to our wonderful God for the breathtaking world that has been created by us for us. Then I hope that we will, each of us, renew our commitment to do whatever it takes to make this a better world.

I want to learn to share more. We all share, I know, and so do I...but I want to learn to share more. To share more of all the bounty with which I have been blessed. And I do not mean merely physical abundance. I do mean that, yes, but I also mean the love that resides deep inside of me, and all the gifts of the heart and soul that are mine to give.

I promise on this day to bring forgiveness to my world, to bring compassion and understanding and a deeper caring and a higher love, to every moment.

I am clear that this must happen in the day-to-day of my experience. It takes place with every exchange I have with any other human being. It's about how I talk, how I act. I want to be gentle, I want to be caring, I want to be accepting and tolerant and understanding and forgiving. Most of all, I want to be connected. I want to feel that I am genuinely a part of every other person, one with every other soul, and one with God.

The opportunity, the chance, to do this is what I am most grateful for today. The chance to be Who I Really Am is what I treasure in my life. Each morning is a Starting Over. Each day is a new day. Transformation begins with Forgiveness and Unconditional Love --- for the Self, and for all others.

It's the Self part that I have the most trouble with. I have done so many hurtful things in my life. I rationalize all this most of the time, telling myself that it is all part of being human. None of us is perfect, etc. But at some point I have to begin taking responsibility for my actions, so that the past does not repeat itself in the present.

So part of self forgiveness --- and what makes it possible, I think --- is self discipline and self awareness; a determination to become something Other than what I have been in the past.

I am grateful today for this chance. Life is so incredibly wonderful. Each day it gives me a chance to recreate myself anew. 

Today I also want to express gratitude in advance for all the wonderful moments yet to come, for all the wonderful experiences yet to be created, and for all the wonderful expressions of Who I Really Am yet to be placed into the world.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Life. Thank you, every one of you, for being part of my world, and bringing me the daily opportunity to become a grander version of myself through my interaction with the wonder of you, and to work together with you to create a grander version of our world.

Thanksgiving Day, of course, is one of the biggest family holidays of the year in the United States. But I have an idea about this holiday that is different from most Americans. I think that the holiday should be abolished.

I don't think that Thanksgiving should be a holiday at all. I think it should be a HOLY day, and placed on the calendar of all sacred days and events.

I also think we should change the way that Thanksgiving is celebrated. Forget about sitting down to a big meal and offering thanks to God for all the bounty that has been received during the past year. Instead, create a new ritual. Sit down together and thank God for all the goodness that is to come.

Do not go around the table and have each guest tell what he or she has to be thankful for. Rather, go around the table and have each guest say what they are going to be thankful for in the coming year -- and then have everyone give thanks right then and there, ahead of time. For that matter, repeat the ritual every day for the next year. Sincerely believe and be grateful for receiving the gifts that you just know will shower down upon you from God's limitless bounty.

In Conversations with God the message about gratitude is clear. It is the most powerful form of prayer. Gratitude in advance, not gratitude after the fact.

This is because to thank God in advance for something is the highest form of faith. It is a statement of supreme confidence. It is the Ultimate Knowing.

When we come from this Place of Knowing, we move into an energy that creates miracles.
The most powerful prayer that I ever heard is only 17 words long:

Thank you, God,
for helping me
to understand
that this problem
has already been
solved for me.

So, while it is well and good to say "thanks" for things past, especially with other human beings to whom we owe a word of gratitude, it is extremely empowering to thank God ahead of time for all the goodness that will flow to you in the coming year. It is even more powerful to decide ahead of time what that goodness will be.
Make a list. Check it twice. Write down all that you choose to have happen between Thanksgiving 2010 and Thanksgiving 2011. Read your list out loud at dinner. Encourage others to do the same. Share and Declare. There are few things more inspiring and powerful than public declaration.

Suddenly, Thanksgiving 2010 will have a new meaning. It will now be about Sharing and Declaring. It will be about Knowing and Growing. We grow into what we know.

So I think that Thanksgiving should not be a mere holiday. It should be elevated to a Holy Day. It should be the holiest day of the year. The day on which we say "thanks be to God" for all the wonder, all the abundance, and all the joys of life we anticipate and that we know in our hearts God is sending us in the coming year.

It should be the holiest day of the year because gratitude is the most sacred tool in the Creator's Toolbox. With it anything can be produced, anything can be created, anything can be experienced!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!"


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