Cum se aplică la un internship

"I have attached a picture of New York. I find it provoking for four reasons. First of all: this is New York. It doesn't need any advertising to make me get there. It takes only one movie filmed in New York to make you want to see it badly. And I've seen so many…
Second of all, I love big cities and NY is one of the biggest hives of all cities. Some people get irritated in big crowds and I myself am a little claustrophobic, but I love having million people around, especially watching them through the window of a bohemian café.
The third reason is that I always dreamed of making a bunch of nice friends in a very simple circumstance, like entering an unfamiliar coffee shop and spilling your latte on a fellow that will immediately become your friend. New York seems like the perfect place for this kind of situations.
And last, but not least, I need to deal with my fear of flights. And I think that 11 hours of flying over the ocean would be truly helpful.  After that trip, the world will be mine!"

Ok, opriți-vă, nu eu merit aplauzele pentru acest text, ci sorella, care a fost rugată să aleagă o fotografie care o provoacă și să explice de ce, atunci când a aplicat pentru un internship în...Londra. Loving NYC runs in the family. Poate va da bine la englezi.


  1. Nu e ca și cum i-ai scrie unui german ce mișto e în Paris? Îi urez succes :)

  2. Alex, ai dreptate, si eu m-am gandit la asta :)) But she knows better. Initial eu am scris articolul crezand ca aplica pentru New York, l-am publicat cu titlul respectiv, apoi Ruxi m-a corectat si a trebuit sa-l editez, hehe.

  3. Eu nu m-as casatori cu un barbat care nu ma lasa sa ma uit la alti baieti dupa casatorie. La fel si Londra trebuie sa accepte ca exista New York. :)

  4. Told you man, she knows better ;)


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