Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Notes from the Universe

Cum staţi cu optimismul? Cu entuziasmul, gândirea pozitivă and all that bullshit? Which is not actually a bullshit. Vă reamintesc ce vă spuneam de curând. Apoi vă trimit aici, poate vă tentează să daţi un subscribe. Ce sunt acele daily notes? Păi nişte mesaje scurte, inteligente, pline de umor şi foarte mobilizatoare, care-ţi sunt trimise zilnic în mail, precum vorbele de duh de pe post-its.
Ne spun chiar ei despre ce e vorba mai exact:

"These Notes are brief passages written by "The Universe," personalized with your name (and occasionally your personal goals and dreams), designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things.

Notes from the Universe are unconventional, humorous, deeply insightful, and wildly popular! They're also free and sent out 5 days a week!"

Azi am primit şi eu primul mesaj personalizat, iată cum suna:

Act with faith, Bogdan. Prepare the way for your inevitable success. To the degree you can, behave as if your dreams have already come true, as if you already owned a published book, as if later today you were going to move to Cluj. And you shall see the power you wield as the floodgates begin to tremble, the elements begin to conspire, people in your life begin to change, insights are summoned, comprehensions soar, and clarity is born.
Not to mention fierce, wild animals laying down when you pass by -
The Universe
Tare pişicher Universul ăsta. Nici nu mă lasă să-mi fac bagajele în linişte. La Cluj plec duminică.