Friday, 8 May 2009

Nietzsche pierdut printre metale

Cum azi m-am trezit cu chef de metale grele, mi-am adus aminte total întâmplător de o piesă a lui Manson, numită The Beautiful People. Am scos-o din dulap şi am băgat waţi toată dimineaţa. Pentru că ştiu că unii dintre voi vor strâmba rapid din nas, vă sfătuiesc să vă concentraţi pe ritmul bestial, susţinut de toba aia de mare efect. Iar dacă nu aveţi stomac pentru a urmări clipul sau mufa lui Manson, doar ascultaţi. Chestia cea mai tare este dată însă de versuri, care ascund un deep shit alambicat, aşa că de teamă să nu-mi prind cravata în încercarea de a vă explica o citez pe Wiki:

"Its lyrics discuss two major themes: what Manson refers to as "the culture of beauty", and that culture's connection to Friedrich Nietzsche's theory of master-slave morality — the song's "weak ones", who are "always wrong", are oppressed by and exist solely to "justify [the existence of] the strong" (the so-called beautiful people) [...]
The title of the song comes from Marylin Bender's 1967 book The Beautiful People, which exposed the world of scandal within the "jet-set" lifestyle of the 1960s, and the culture of beauty as it pertained to fashion and politics. The phrase itself was popularized by Vogue magazine in the early 1960s and was particularly used to describe the Kennedy family, a frequent source of inspiration in Marilyn Manson's work [...]
Lyrically, it is intertwined with the Antichrist Superstar album's overarching theme, a semi-narrative examination of the Nietzschean Übermensch. Within this context, "The Beautiful People" deals explicitly with the destructive manifestation of the Will to Power: "There's no time to discriminate", sings Manson, "hate every motherfucker that's in your way". A strong anti-capitalism sentiment stems from exploration of Nietzsche's view of master-slave morality ("It's not your fault that you're always wrong / The weak ones are there to justify the strong") along with its connection to Social Darwinism [...]"

Mânca-ţi-aş, mi-am prins urechile! Iar acum bucata asta e numai pentru muzicieni: "The song is written in drop D tuning, and is built primarily out of the notes of a diminished chord, each made into a power chord. It also incorporates extensive use of guitar distortion, and the use of palm muting creates a highly rhythmic, driving style which is amplified by a heavy percussion track. The song's characteristic element is its repetitive drum track, a five-beat common time pattern played on floor toms, in which swung notes create a triplet feel."

Hmmm ok, zi-o acum, ciudatule! Azi avem muzică de pahar, copii.

Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People