Sunday, 2 November 2008

Nothing Man

Se pare că Bruce a scris această piesă prin anii '90, despre un soldat american care se întoarce acasă, este decorat, dar nu-şi mai poate satisface soţia pentru că rămâne impotent în urma rănilor suferite. Melodia a fost inclusă pe albumul The Rising, căpătând astfel o semnificaţie cu totul nouă, care este perfect redată de un om care se afla în Manhattan pe 11 septembrie 2001. Vă invit să aflaţi ce sentimente a trezit în el acest cântec, cu promisiunea că o să vă mai stresez şi pe viitor cu The Boss, pentru că pur şi simplu nu-mi revin din frumuseţea muzicii pe care acest om o crează. 

"The great thing about lyrics is that the meaning depends on the context you view them in. I was a few blocks away when the towers fell and after 7 years still feel exactly as he writes:

I don't remember how I felt
I never thought I'd live
To read about myself
In my hometown paper 
How my brave young life
Was forever changed
In a misty cloud of pink vapor 

To go along with that, I was in town from Atlanta on business visiting co-workers in the WTC. I ended up in that pink vapor. I returned home the following week and it was a different place. My life was forever changed. These lyrics personified the experience:

Around here, everybody acts the same
Around here, everybody acts like nothing's changed
Friday night, the club meets at Al's Barbecue
The sky's still, the same unbelievable blue

I imagine it was like the experience of someone coming back from Iraq and being in the middle of normal, day-to-day life a week later. My recollection is that no one could or will understand what it was like - losing friends, co-workers, or just experiencing what Manhattan went through those weeks. Not even my wife. 

One thing I'll always remember is just how (incredibly) blue the skies were that morning. I personally don't think the song is depressingly hopeless, but it does remind me that most things in life are trivial in comparison".