Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Fun Tag

Woo-ha. Am mai primit o leapşă din asta, de la Laura. Ia să vedem.

Yourself: Fly. Will fly. Fly away.
Your Spouse: none
Your Hair: short, black
Your Mother: laugh, laugh, laugh!
Your Father: makes my mom laugh, teaches me good principles
Your Favorite Item: e doo. my iPod and my cell
Your Dream Last Night: none
Your Favorite Drink: Guinness
Your Dream Car: nu-s deloc pasionat de maşini, dar BMW să fie!
The Room You Are In: my living room
Your Ex: too many, no one important enough to mention
Your Fear: blood, haha!
What You Want To Be In Ten Years: is this a fuckin' job interview??
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: my parents, I was home
What You’re Not: willing to describe myself too much
Muffins: wtf
One of Your Wish List Items: apartment
Time: 21:04
The Last Thing You Did: read about New York
What You Are Wearing: home stuff
Your Favorite Weather: sunny
Your Favorite Book: cărţile mele preferate se găsesc în 3 epoci diferite. Jules Verne când eram mic, John Grisham când am mai crescut, apoi orice am putut găsi despre U2. În rest nu am răbdare să citesc, dar aş putea menţiona Ora 25 a lui Virgil Gheorghiu sau Zorba the Greek a lui Nikos Kazantzakis. Pură coincidenţă: după ambele cărţi s-au făcut filme cu maestrul Anthony Quinn.
The Last Thing You Ate: chocolate
Your Life: peaceful
Your Mood: chill
Your Best Friend: not just one, they are a few and they know who they are.
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: sex, porn, naked women!!!
Your Car: -
What Are You Doing At The Moment: another stupid question, next!
Your Summer: cum a fost ultima? Nimic special. Dar aş menţiona, my summer, THE summer. It was the summer of '97.
Your Relationship Status: looking, choosing
What Is On Your TV: football match
What Is The Weather Like: cold
When Was The Last Time You Laughed: earlier

Menţionez că am făcut acest quiz acum 3 zile, în cazul în care anumite răspunsuri vă miră. Mai departe să preia ştafeta cine doreşte.