Things I Love These Days

I could mention this shy spring. Or the vibes of the city. I love the coffee in the morning and the smell of my daily sports paper. Cigarettes, cigars and other smokable devices. Cafés and shops.
I love my mobile phone and my new iPod. Planes and airports. Packing, unpacking and repacking.
My guitar and my new strings. I love music and new sounds.
Making plans and quitting them. Because life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. I love making the best of now, although I'm not always able to.
Revelations and surprises. Small gestures. Cheap buyers.
I love the way she sleeps.
And more.


  1. sfarsit e si domnul Fly fericit! :-)

  2. Well, pana acolo mai e nitel.
    Eu sunt foarte atent cu acest concept :))


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