Devil Angel

She's a pain in the ass. The kind that merges into your bones. A little brat. She likes to be spoiled but be careful not to spoil her too much 'cause then you might be suffocating her.
Clever and spontaneous as she is, you have to know how to give her space, how to respect and support her independence. She goes out a lot. Don't stop her. Talk a lot and be a real gent. She's able to communicate like no other.
She doesn't share much and often drives you nuts. And she can unscrupulously take more than she deserves. But then she does something unpredictable and makes you feel alive. Only to kill you again with the look in her eyes or with her crazy and impossible behaviour. Like Foos would say: when she goes storming out I run for cover.
She's not what she seems at first. Most people could easily misjudge her. Get to know her and dig under the surface. She's a very warm person, while bitchy and careless at the same time. Can't quite tell. Discover her sensuality, because it is very stylishly hidden.
Paradoxal, right? Maybe. You gotta love her or hate her. But, I still can't quite figure this one out either.
It's her birthday tomorrow. And this is one of my bizarre and annoying ways of celebrating her.
Well, she's the devil angel.


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